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Welcome to the Chestertown Government Guide web page. If you cannot find what you are looking for in the index on the left, please call our town office at 410-778-0500 or send an email to

118N Cross Street
Chestertown, MD 21620

Bids and RFP Requests
2014 Chestertown Financial Statements
Fiscal Year 2015 Budget
Chapter 30: Recreation Commission—Final
CRHC Groundwater Remediation Public Briefing Follow-up
2014 Draft Comprehensive Plan
Draft Ordinance 01-2014 – Establishing Chapter71: Elections
Chestertown YouTube Channel for Mayor and Council and other Meetings
2013 Chestertown Police Department Annual Report
Ordinance 06-2012 Chapter 12 – Public Ethics Law
Chestertown Revitalization Task Force Report
Chestertown Port Committee Final Briefing
Employment Opportunities (current job openings)
Sign Up Here For Recycling
Pending Town Ordinances
Chestertown Ward Map
Chestertown Historic District Map
Chestertown Comprehensive Plan
2013 Report of Municipal Affairs
2011 Annual Police Report
Water Quality Report (2013 Consumer Confidence Report)
What to do Before and After A Major Weather Event

Useful Links

Chestertown Ward Map
2012 Chestertown Zoning Map
2012 Chestertown Zoning Map
(large screen view)
2012 Chestertown Zoning Map
(Printable version–8.5x11 inches)

Historic District Map




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